New to the sport? Have lots of questions?

 Hopefully, we can help....
An immediate attraction to horses seems to be a rite of passage when you are a child. If you or your child is a devoted horse lover perhaps it is time to begin looking for lessons. You can begin riding at any age, working with a certified coach will help you reach your goals with skill development appropriate to your level of experience. 

There are many different styles and disciplines in this sport and parents of children who are not experienced in this field may feel slightly overwhelmed by all the information. Horseback riding involves making informed choices,but with the help of reliable horses and qualified instructors anything is possible! 
   Welcome to the wonderful world of horses!


 A Guide For New Riders

Tips for first-time horseback riders and parents

Download our guide for new riders. It contains helpful information on the following topics:

  • Tips On Choosing A Riding Facility
  • Why Choose A Certified Coach?
  • What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Coach?
  • What Are The Different Levels of Certification?
  • Certification Programs Set Goals for Riders
  • What Do You Wear To Your First Riding Lesson?
  • How Do I Fit A Riding Helmet?
  • What Are The Different Riding Disciplines?
  • What Are The Health Benefits of Riding?
  • Are You Ready To Own Your Own Horse?
  • Safety Tips For You
  • Understanding Horse Body Language
  • Do You Speak Horse?
  • Frequently Asked Riding Questions
  • Realistic Expectations For Rider Progression 

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