Types of Officials

The NSEF supports our Provincial Official Program (POP) and the Equestrian Canada (EC)/Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) Official Programs.  


NSEF Provincial Officials Program

The Provincial Officials Program (POP) is designed to educate candidates wishing to become involved in the sport as equestrian officials with training and professional development.  The recruitment and training of officials are vital to the sustainability of our sport.   As this program develops, the Pathway for Certification is subject to change.


Applicants for the Provincial Official Certification must:

-Be 19 years of age or older (Those aged 16 & older can be in training.)

-Be a member in good standing with the NSEF

- For some Official Certifications, competition experience relevant to the position will be required

-Submit an application to the NSEF and complete the requirements of the officials program (equivalency may be granted for some components based on previous certifications or experience). 


The requirements for the program can be found in the POP Certification Pathway and Application Form document.


Program Documents

Each of the following links will take you to program documents:

POP Certification Pathway and Application Form

Mentoring Form (for Module 3)

Submission Information (for Module 4)


Equestrian Canada and Federation Equestre Internationale Programs

For more information on the Equestrian Canada and FEI Officials Program, click here.